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N.K. Chavush was born in Lambeth, London. He went to school in Somerset and then later to university in Canterbury, where he graduated with a B.Sc (hons) degree in radiography. He currently resides in Cyprus, with his wife, son and daughter.
His first published piece of work is the first book of the Anto trilogy, Curse of the Hidden City.

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 Curse of the Hidden City


(Book 1)

When something dark and evil is headed towards Anto, an underground city that is unknown to man, the Anthidden tribe will do anything to protect their very own existence. Only one soldier: Tarmus has what it takes to save the city, but will it be enough against what’s coming? 

The eternal battle between good and evil is about to be fought with unexpected villains and equally unexpected heroes - with an ending that could just be a new beginning.

N.K. Chavush develops the tale as the hidden becomes exposed, searches reveal unexpected answers, and mysteries and myths of the past bring hope for the future.


ANTO (Book 1) 


ANTO (Book 2)




'Journey to the Underworld'

(Book 2)

The witch is back! Even from far below the deep depths of the underworld, she has cast a spell that could destroy all humanity.

Two unlikely friends- Tarmus, the fearless leader of Anto and Andrew Rodd, the eccentric professor with incredible scientific knowledge- embark on a journey to a place from where no man has ever returned. Unexpected twists and turns unfold, each one shocking them more the further they travel, as they go seeking for Tulla the vampire-witch.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anita Johnson, an old friend of Rodd’s, is taken as a prisoner of the Underworld. Anita’s assistant, Stuart Redford, becomes the police’s prime suspect as he investigates Johnson and Rodd’s disappearances. What he stumbles upon is absolutely terrifying. Could a mysterious cabin that rests deep in the woods hold the key to an ancient secret?