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A Senseless Act of Beauty

BOOK OF THE WEEK… An original science fiction fantasy novel that will keep you intrigued until the last page!

Author John B. Rosenman is a master of science fiction fantasy novels with a difference. The story includes Nigerian scientist Aaron Okonkwo as the protagonist, who travels with his crew in the 24th century, to evaluate the beautiful and mesmerizing world of Viridis. This is where the crew finds alien species, advanced machines and technology at an underground complex left by a mysterious race known as Creators.

Eventually, Aaron falls under the irresistible and seductive spell of a female alien called Nightsong with bewitching powers.

A great danger arises with many ships ruthlessly invading the planet, trying to conquer and enslave it- just as Africa was once enslaved. Aaron must reclaim his ancient warrior heritage and fight back against the odds in A Senseless Act of Beauty.

What I find exceptional about this book is that it indirectly sends out a strong message to which we can all relate.

This is now available in paperback as well as ebook, audio and is 366 pages.

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