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BOOK OF THE WEEK…There aren’t many novels out there that have a colloquial style. Jonathan G. Meyer makes this flow so well that it almost gives a feeling of a Steven Spielberg adventure.

The story begins with a man called Jim Thompson, who is broke and homeless. Jim finds what he thinks is a thrown away toy aircraft. That’s when the story really begins, taking the reader on an unforgettable ride.

Four unlikely heroes will battle against the powerful forces of money, politics and nature. The future of two worlds, including our own, is at stake.

On a remote Caribbean island, far from the eyes of the world, a battle will be waged.

My final verdict is that if you want a good page-turner this summer, then don’t miss out on VINCENT!

It comes in both ebook and paperback formats and is 241 pages.

Click image to buy book!

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