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Into Armageddon

BOOK OF THE WEEK... A compelling novel that you won’t want to put down. Being a former US Army Field Artillery officer and veteran, author Jeff DeMarco has expert knowledge of arms, to which he introduces science fiction - giving this book a feel of realism. The characters are very well developed and work so well together and also fit in well into their surroundings.

A mysterious and powerful organization called The Order has taken over the U.S. government at the highest levels, creating a new race of enhanced humans and other deadly creations.

Erica, the protagonist, had escaped from the underground genetics facility as an infant. For fifteen years she has been hunted and therefore in hiding. Her only wish is to be free and live in peace. The Order manufactured a viral outbreak, in an attempt to combat human apex predators which roam around freely and have forced humanity to be bound together in pockets of resistance. The children of The Order have turned against their masters to gain supremacy across the country, systematically taking over key military installations. Erica holds the key to humanity's survival. Will she stand and risk losing her freedom, family and her very existence?

INTO ARMAGEDDON is a fast moving apocalyptic military science fiction that will grip you and leave you wanting more. This is the first book of the Ruler of Ashes series. It comes in eBook and paperback formats and is 308 pages.

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