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BOOK OF THE WEEK…. A perfect read for the summer. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat and intrigued right until the last page. Author Sarah M Cook has a very slick writing style and the reader won’t be able to get enough .

It involves a happily married couple, Tom and Leah, who are living a peaceful life in Portland, Oregon. That is until Adam, Tom’s brother, suddenly appears after being released from prison. As time passes the married couple begins to realize that this is not a simple visit and that Adam’s rivalry towards Tom has reached a boiling point. Tom and Leah have to fight to keep their marriage together while withstanding the storm that is Adam, who is set on ruining their marriage, by any means necessary. Will Adam succeed in destroying his brother’s and Leah’s life? Or will Tom and Leah’s true love for each other shine through.

UNINVITED is a fast-read book that will get your heart pumping. It comes in a Kindle eBook format, as well as paperback, and is 130 pages.

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