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BOOK OF THE WEEK… Lately there has been a buzz with Mars being at its closest to earth for a long time and appearing bright in the summer night’s sky. Kate Rouner’s genius writing style brings the red planet even closer to us and is so original that it’s a lot different to other science fiction space novels. The characters work so well together and fit well into the alien scenery.

A strange illness threatens the first group of colonists and the tragic deaths may be no accident. Emma (the protagonist) and her friends want to build a new home and explore Mars, but with no way back to Earth, can they survive? Emma did have doubts about leaving Earth, but the plans were far too advanced to back out. However, one thing is for sure- something is terribly wrong with Mars, with the colony’s psychologist walking out of an airlock without wearing a surface suit and thus to her death. That and other tragic deaths for which the experts on Earth have no answers, ensures that this book is bound to keep you at the edge of your seat! Earth sends the settlers robots to construct habitats, and walkabout suits for them to explore, but the experts on Earth have no answers to the threats they face. If the settlers fail, there will be no more missions and Emma may be joining the last humans on Mars.

I highly recommend this first book of the MARS COLONIZATION series and I’m definitely looking forward to reading the other four books! GLORY ON MARS is available in paperback as well as ebook and is 304 pages.

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