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Playing in Paradise

As a result of a horrific foul in the first game of the season, Luton FC player Andrew Ashford suffers a leg fracture resulting in a four-month recovery period. His current manager drops him from the squad and none of the other clubs wants a player who has just returned from a long-term injury. Unexpectedly, he finds himself offered a mid-season loan to Doğan Türk Birliği, a North Cyprus football club, based in Kyrenia. All is going well, until his agent, Lewis Orland, disappears when his flat in Majorca goes up in flames. As no body gets recovered from the flat, the search for Orland continues. Andrew then discovers that it wasn’t a coincidence Orland had sent him to the peaceful island, unaware of the terrifying dangers that lie ahead. When Andrew falls for a beautiful Cypriot girl named Aysha, who incidentally is the club chairman’s daughter, he has a decision to make. Will he settle down with her and live in Cyprus, or will he go back to the UK and pursue his dreams at a higher professional level? However, before making up his mind, he needs to be certain that any dangers awaiting him have passed… if they ever will!


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